A webcam is a device that works similar to a phone’s camera. Generally, A webcam is used in computer which has no inbuilt camera. The webcam is built for recording and streaming in computer. Additionally, A webcam uses USB port and wireless protocols to connect with a computer. The first webcam is invented in 1993 and commercially became available in 1994. Generally, webcam are mostly uses by multimedia platforms.  In 1990s and early 2000s, instant messaging client adds support for webcams. During this covid period of time causes a shortage of webcam because people starts to do work from home.

History of Webcam

The first computer with webcam was released in 1993. It is called SGI INDY a commercial computer. This webcam supports maximum 640*480 pixels for NTSC. This webcam requires a fast machine to capture at either of these resolution. Generally, the first popular and widespread commercial webcam is a black and white quick cam. In late 1990s, Microsoft intermeeting was the only webcam software on PC in use. Firstly, Around the turn of 21st century, hardware manufacturer began building webcams directly into laptop screens. During the Covid-19 pandemic there is a shortage of webcams.

Technology Used in Webcam

Image sensor

Image sensors can be CMOS or CCD. CCD cameras do not necessarily outperform CMOS based cameras in the low price range. In most of cases consumer webcams are capable of previliage VGA resolution at 30 frames per second. Some devices can record video in multi megapixels resolutions but few can run at high frame rate.



There are various types of lenses are available in the market. The most common lens is a plastic lens. plastic lens is easy to move out and in to focus the camera. Basically, lenses are come with different presets and fields of view. These cameras come with software that needs to be installed on the computer that helps transmit its video on the internet in real time.


Features of Webcams


The megapixels are very small dots of color that makes a visual image when they combines. Accordingly, a webcam generates clearer bright image with more megapixels. In the past the number of megapixels are a big problem, but it is not a big problem today.


Frame Rate

The frame rate deals with the video quality, which decides  how much images are shown per second. Generally, the frame rate in a reasonable webcam will have 30 frames per second. If the frame rate is less than 30fps it will be out dated webcam. A webcam which supports 60 frames per second provide a higher quality moving image or smoothest video.


Lens quality

The lens is a first stage to compare a webcam. Therefore, it is most important that your camera has the correct lens for full filling your requirements. Basically, a general webcam has a plastic lens, while high end webcam has a glass lens. A glass lens is much better as compare to plastic lens. Additionally, a glass lens is good to invest for professional video production.



There is a lot of activity happening during a webcam session in many scenarios. Autofocus is a feature that works by automatically focusing the subject.  This feature can be inappropriate that can be cause to low functions.


Low light quality

Sometimes, if you need to use your webcam in the evening or in low light conditions, the image quality can be very poor. Logitech develops right light webcam which enhance the image quality in night.



A resolutions is a very important aspect in the pictures or videos. Generally, many webcams supports 720p and 1080p high definition quality. Also some webcam come with the 4k capability but they have a premium price tags. A webcam resolution between 1.3MP and 2.0MP can provide you clear pictures.

Uses of Webcam

Video telephony

Webcams encourages remote work. It enables people to work people via remotely. Businesses, schools and individuals have relied on the video conferencing. The performance of webcam may vary by program, computer OS and computers processors.



webcam are also uses as a security camera. software are available to detect sounds and movement. these recordings can save in computers or we can send it via e-mail.



A few specific models of webcams are very popular to photograph the night sky by astronomers. Generally, this webcams are comes with manual focus lens and contains old CCD array. These webcams are fully lens customizable. we can change lens as per our requirements. Therefore this webcams are fully automatic. Austro webcams comes with the glass lens therefore it comes too much expensive.


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