Opportunities after completing CCNA

CCNA is one of the best courses right now for growing your career in the IT field. Networking is one of the most underrated fields in the current world. In the future, we will need so many IPs and so much monitoring for transferring the data. So in the future, we need more network engineers who can handle the all-world traffic, provide a more secure network, and improve the routing as well.

IOT is one of the main reasons for the need for more and more network engineers. For all IOT devices, we need unique IP addresses. So we will require more and more secure and large networks in the future. So, right now, it’s the best time to grow your career in the networking field. As a network engineer, you must have knowledge of CCNA. This course is made by the Cisco Company, which is one of the core companies behind the current world’s network. 

Why you should Start CCNA as soon as possible

After completing the CCNA, you will have so many opportunities to enter the IT world. CCNA certification is the base requirement if you want to enter the networking field. After completing the CCNA, you may be able to apply for so many positions, like technical support, network administrator, data center technician, IT security, VoIP engineer, wireless engineer, network security engineer, and many more.

Average salary in networking field

1. Technical Support

In this position, your responsibility is to maintain all network devices that are currently running. Network engineers have to resolve network issues by configuring the operating systems, and they must provide immediate support to others using remote desktops or any other software.


Average salary of network administrator in India : ₹4.8 lakhs

Average salary of network administrator in USA : $75,000

2. Network Administrator

Network administrator have to maintain, configure and upgrade corporate customer’s network and also they have to manage the inhouse server. They must be install and upgrade new hardware and applications on server. Network administrator have to do main focus on reliability, security and efficiency of network. These are the core responsibilities of the network administrator.


Average salary of network administrator in India : ₹6 lakhs

Average salary of network administrator in USA : $80,000

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