A speaker is a one type of converter. It converts an electric signal in one form to another form. It converts an electronic signal to a sound. The loudspeaker is also known as a speaker. Generally, two or more speakers are define as a sound system. An audio signal is in form of microphone, recording or radio broadcast. In dynamic speaker driver most common type is a linear motor in basic configuration. In dynamic microphone which uses a motor in reverse as a generator.

The dynamic speakers are invented by Edward W.Kellogg and  Chester W.rice in 1925. Generally, dynamic speaker and several other technologies are creating sound from an electric signal and some of them are in commercial use. In order to produce a good sound at low frequency. The speaker driver must be emerge sound from rear. This generally takes a form of speaker cabinet made up of wood or sometimes plastic or metal. A most high frequency speaker system contains two or more speaker drivers. Each driver is specialized for one part of audio frequency range. A middle range frequency is called mid-range drivers and low frequency is called woofers.

Types Of Speaker

Computer speaker

Computer speakers are sell’s to use with computers also capable to use with other audio devices. most speakers have an internal amplifier which requires power source like AC adapter, batteries or a USB port. Generally, there is an input connector available in every computer calls 3.5mm jack. A battery powered Bluetooth speakers requires no more wire connections to use. The most of computers have low power in-built speakers. which can connects an external speakers by disabling inbuilt speakers. A speaker comes with computer have a small, plastic and common voice. Bluetooth speakers can connects with computer with wire with AUX cable.


Loud speaker

Generally, A loud speaker has one or more speakers drivers. A loudspeaker driver can be views as  linear motor attach to couples of more motors movement to motion of air’s. It is capable to reproduce the sound to the original electronic signal.


Speaker System

Full range drivers

A wide range driver is design for use alone to reproduce audio without help of audio drivers. This drivers are small, around 4 to 9 inches for high frequency. The design of this drivers are given carefully to get low-distortion at low frequency. Generally, this type of speakers are found in public address system, radios, televisions etc.



Generally, A subwoofer is a driver to get lowest-pitch sound below 200hz. Overall, The design of subwoofer is simpler than other speakers. This type of sounds cannot found in space due to there large wavelength. Identically, subwoofers can accurately reproduce low bass because unwanted sounds from cabinet vibrations. In typically, the subwoofers are comes separate from other speaker cabinets. Generally, subwoofers are uses in large concerts and mid size venues.



A woofer reproduces a low frequency. Typically, some loud speaker system uses woofer for low frequencies. Additionally, some loudspeakers uses woofer to handle mid level frequencies.


Mid range driver

This loud speaker drivers Generally reproduces a band of frequencies between 1 to 6khz. The diaphragms is build from paper and composite materials. A mid range driver is a direct radiator.


Tweeter speaker

This twitter is not a social media platform. It is a type of speaker that produce a high frequency output in a speaker system. This tweeter speaker is generally found in home stereo system.

Speaker System Designs


Generally, A Crossover found in multi driver speaker system. This cross over separates the the multiple signals into different frequency ranges. The driver receives there power at there operating frequency. The characteristic of this cross over is include perfect out of band.



The most of the sound system contains Enclosure because of its importance. The main role of enclosure is to prevent sound waves emerge from back of driver. The sound waves emits 180 degree from the back of a driver. The simplest driver mount is a flat panel where driver mount holes in it. basically, Sound frequency with a longer wavelength are cancels out.


Horn loudspeaker

A horn speaker is a oldest form of speaker system. Generally, The use of horn as horn amplifiers in at least 17th centaury. Basically in 21st centaury the use of horn is in vehicles. horn loudspeakers uses a shape calls waveguide in front or behind the driver. The shape of this speaker increase efficiency, and focusing the sound over a narrow area.


Wireless speaker

A wireless speaker is very similar to todays wire speaker, just the difference is the don’t contain wire to use. The receive the audio signals through radio frequency waves. There is an amplifier is also available in the speaker. The integration of the loud speaker and amplifier is also calls an active loudspeaker.


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