Printer is a computer hardware. It gives output to user from computer in any such way like in text, photo, GFX, VFX etc. It is peripheral machine which makes a representation of output on paper. In this era, there are too many technologies are available in printers. there are too many types of printers are available in market like inkjet printers, 3D printers, laser printers and thermal printers etc. In old times, there are wired printer comes with too much complex mechanism .In new generation printers comes wireless. Printers are also used for more processes like scanning, printing etc.


Types of printers

Personal printers

personal printers are only designed to support single user only. It is connected with only single computer. Personal printers are designed for low quantity print work. It requires minimal setups and that’s why it print only single user’s documents at a time. It is very slow device ranging from 8 pages to 25 paper per minute (ppm). Its cost per paper is high.


shared printers

shared printer are designed for high quantity printing with high speed. This printers are usually connected on network  with many users. this printers are basically used in high-tech giant companies. shared printer speed is a 45 to 100 pages per minute.


Dot matrix printers

This printer is known as a character printers because it prints only one character at a time. it prints a character as a pattern of dots. this printer can print any shape of characters in different size. It has ability to print the graphics like charts and graphs. This printer can produce multiple copies with the help of carbon papers. This printers are slow because it printing range is between 30 to 600 characters per word. This printers are basically cheap at price.


Inkjet printer

This printer is also known as a character printer because it printer single characters. This printer prints character and print all kind of images by spraying small drops of ink on paper. This printer have tiny nozzles which spray Inks. It can not be used to produce multi-copy output in a single print. It printing range is between 40 to 300 characters per second. they are more expensive than dot matrix printer.


Laser printer

This printer prints one whole page at a time. It produces very high quality output. the common laser printer have 600dpi (dots per inch) and high end printer have a 1200 dpi. It cannot be used to print multiple copies in a single print. this printers are most expensive than other ones. This  printers are latest technologies printers.


How printer works

Dot Matrix Printer

This printer works with print head and the array of pins, which can move horizontally across the paper. when we need to print a character It activates the appropriate set of pins and print head moves horizontally. this allows the printer to print many special characters.


Inkjet Printer

This contains up to 64 nozzles within height of 7mm, which used when heated up in few microseconds with circuit register. When this register heats up, the ink near it vaporizes is ejected through that tiny nozzles and prints a tiny dot on the paper placed in front of print head.


Laser Printer

The main components of this printer is laser beam source, a multi sided mirror, and a photoconductive dry toner (a tiny particles which oppositely charged ink). the laser beam  is focused on electro statistically charged drum by the spinning multisided mirror. because of there high resolution , they give excellent print quality.

From the types of printer, some researchers like me separated the printer by it’s work , features and many more functionality. which makes easy to understand the difference between printers. which is known as a impact printer and non-impact printers let’s have some look…

Impact printers

Non-impact printers

A printer which prints character by causing hammer and leave impact as a noise .A printer which perform operation on the paper without making any type of noise .
Hammers are used in between paper and hammers.Paper can be sprayed with ink, magnetized ,heated etc.
That are noisy.That are quiet.
Can produce multicopy output in a single print.It cannot produce multi copy output in a single print
Slow as compared to non-impact printer.Fast as compared to impact printer.


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