The other names of graphic card is display card, video card, graphic adapter, display adapter etc. It is an expansion card which generates output images on monitors display. Generally, a graphic card is called dedicated graphic card to emphasize integrated graphic card. short form of graphic card is GPU. Which means “Graphic Processing Unit”. most probably uses to generate good frame images in computer games. It is also uses to do GFX works to render output. Generally, reduce the load from central processing unit. There are some other general purpose computing includes crypto mining, AI training etc.

Usually, graphic card comes with the printed circuit board. which are to be inserted in to expansion slot. Generally, some CPU chips comes with the integrated graphic card. There are two main leading companies are available in the global market are Nvidia and AMD. Dedicate GPU are need to fits in expansion slot but integrate GPU is inbuilt available in processor’s chip.

History of Graphics Card

In late 1980s, Radius produced a graphic card for apple with 2D Quickdraw capabilities. 3dfx interactive is one of the first company to develop a GPU  with 3D acceleration. Nowadays, the majority of modern GPU are either build with intel or AMD graphic chipset. latest graphic cards offers various types of functionalities like 3D rendering, 2d graphics, T.V. output or to connect multiple monitors. Graphic card also have sound card inbuilt to output the sound.

Graphics Card

Dedicated GPU

Generally, dedicated GPU comes completely separate from Central Processing Unit. Which means this graphic card can do graphic related work separately and freely from CPU. Discrete Graphic card comes with there own memory calls VRAM. Which gives quick access to image data. most probably Discrete GPU are uses by heavy graphic user or gamer.

Integrated GPU

The CPU (central processing unit) have GPU. Integrated GPU is also known as a i-GPU. A CPU is responsible for executing the process. comparatively, A GPU do similar work as CPU Except it mainly handles the processing of graphics related data. In this type of GPU we find CPU and GPU includes in one single chip. This type of processor can handle both work but not gave full power of TGP like discrete GPU.

Power demand

The speed of GPU is depends on a lot factors, here power is one of them. The electric power in Graphic card is known as a TDP. The high power TDP means high performance GPU. Low power TDP means low performance GPU. The main issue in High TDP GPU is heating issue. The high power GPU consumes a lot power that’s why it get too heat early. Nowadays, high performance GPU tend to consume large amount of power. i.e. The GeForce Titan RTX is 280 watts, which is too much power for a GPU. Even RTX 2080ti is average about 300 watts of power consumptions.

In last 5 years, The demand of GPU is on the top of the sky because of the Crypto mining. A mining of crypto currencies are do with the help of a lots of GPU connects in one room and runs on thousands of watts power. That’s the reason of high price of GPU’s in last years. Modern GPU usually consumes 75 watts to run on six pins. There are some computers which supports multiple GPUs uses 750+ watts. In Nvidia GeForce RTX series given a name “hall of fame”. which is recorded a reach peak of power in RTX 3090 up to 450 watts  or in RTX 3080 reach up to 350 watts.

Specific Usage of Graphics Cards


Generally, most of the people knows graphic card for playing video games on computer. A Graphic cards provides a images of the game on the monitor. There are most famous GPU series calls Nvidia GTX (mid range), Nvidia RTX(High range), AMD radion series etc. For cloud gaming there are some GPU like Nvidia grid, radion sky etc.



For a work, there is a heavy kind of task needs to do. comparatively, there are some Nvidia RTX series which is use for heavy GFX work and 3D rendering etc. Because RTX series have a various features like DLSS, raytracing etc. other helpful GPUs for cloud work is Nvidia tesla etc.


GPU’s in Market

The sale of  Discrete GPU is annually goes down because of improvement in i-GPU technologies. At the same point sale of High end GPU is goes high because of the trend of gaming and crypto mining. So the GPU manufacturers like Nvidia, AMD etc. prioritize gaming and other market trend. The growth of cryptocurrencies takes place of high demand on high end graphics cards. as a result a casual GPU user faces high price range of GPU and a GPU shortage in a market around 2020 to 2021.


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