Importance of mouse in computer

What is Mouse ??

A mouse is a computer hardware. it looks like a mouse (animal) too, which perfectly fits in the user’s palm. the scientist name Bill English is contributed for the development of a computer mouse. it also known as a pointing device which detects two dimensional motion with a surface. In the old days when the mouse is not discovered. computer user uses arrow key too use any function.(if the function was in the upper side then use upper arrow key to lead the arrow or if the function key is right ,the user uses right key to lead the arrow to the function) in this process it consumes too much time. but after invention of mouse we saves a lots of times and engineers discovered a various types of Mouse .

Why mouse is important ?

The mouse is a two dimensional device. It has two or more buttons like right button, left button and middle button. we can easily operate arrow by dragging mouse or we can operate all buttons at a same time and every button have a functions by clicking left key you can execute command for that computer but by right click we can access additional functions which can useful. nowadays every mouse has its own functionality like a mouse which used by gamers that is called a gaming mouse. which has an extra functionality rather than a simple mouse.

History of computer Mouse

 Trackball mouse


The first mouse is a track ball mouse. it has a trackball that rolls. that track balls are rubber coated . and leads the cursor. it was invented by Ralph Benjamin in 1946 in a purpose to control a fire control radar plotting system. which is made for British royal navy scientific service. they called a roller baller to this mouse which needed to be invented more. the track ball used four discs to pickup motions , two each for X axes and Y axes. the trackball used a Canadian five-pin bowling ball which is a game. the invention of this mouse was a whole military secret project and scientist are working for British military.


Engelbart’s first “mouse”


There is no date of invention of Engelbart’s mouse but on 9 December Engelbart publicly announced that mouse and gets too much attention of public at that time and got widely used in a personal computers but he didn’t get any type of royalties. this mouse has a potentiometer perpendicular which is connected with the wheel. the wheel rotates and translated into one axis.


Types of mouse

Mechanical mouse

The mechanical mouse was published in 2 October 1968 by a German company Telefunken’s in this mouse there is a ball that replaced a wheel because ball can rotate in any direction. this mouse become famous and widely used with the personal computers during 1980s and 1990s. this mouse has a 2 freely rotating rollers which is located 90 degree apart. moving mouse cause roll the ball and inside sensor detect the movement and send signal to cursor.


Gyroscope mouse/Inertial

This mouse is also known as a ‘air mice’ because it don’t need any surface to operate . the most common models work using two degrees of rotational freedom and the user only required to do only small wrist rotation to move screen cursor.


3D mouse

This mouse has three another names like BAT, WANDS and FLYING MOUSE. this device  works through ultrasound and provides three degrees of rotation . best example of this mouse is Logitech’s space mouse which is created in 1990s.


Tactile mouse

Tactile mouse is also known as a “iFeel mouse” which is introduced by the Logitech and developed by immersion corporation . this is the first mouse which generates physical sensation (vibration). touch enabled mouse was first generated in 1996. it is able to feel depth and hardness. this mouse is called electrorheological tactile mouse.


Gaming mouse

This mouse is specially made for gamers. this type of mouse had good grips to hold because gaming is a time consuming process so gamers hand don’t feel pain. this mouse has an extraordinary functionality like thumb button, LED RGB lights , good grips and extra buttons etc. also it has a   decorative monochrome. gaming mouse has functionality like palm grip , claw grip, finger-tip grip.

Latest mouse

Nowadays a computer mouse is coming with too much technologies. latest mouse works on red laser light that reflect to surface and comeback to mouse and the courser moves on the screen. some mouse comes with extra buttons which have an extraordinary functions. wireless mouse also trending nowadays. so in my opinion day after day we are getting good technologies in mouse which makes our work easy and faster.


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