A computer is an electronic device. which is available in most homes and offices and other places. Also, A computer can automatically accept and store input data. It processes them according to the instructions given by the programmer or user, and produces output results. Generally, The computer system is a complete computer. that includes hardware and other various equipment for full operation. The most of industrial companies and other factories are also using different types of computers in there machines. In todays generation, without computer nothing is possible. The 99.9% of the world is depends on the computer based technology.

Characteristics of computer


A computer is a very fast device. Generally, it performs any kind of tasks in few milliseconds comparatively normal human may take years to complete. Usually the speed of computer is depends on many things like ProcessorRAM, CACHE, hard drive etc. Overall the speed of computer is measured in milliseconds(10-3), micro (10-6), Nano (10-9), Pico (10-12) second for one task.



A computer is a device with very high accuracy. Surprisingly, computer does not make mistake by its own. Generally all errors are due to human factors. That Often called as GIGO (GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT).


Persistent work or effort

The capacity of computer to perform repetitive task without lack of interest and lack of concentration is called diligence. Shortly, the computer is free from tiredness and lack of concentration. i.e. If 10 million calculations have to be performed. a computer will perform the last task with same accuracy as first one.



A computer is capable to perform almost any task. usually computer can be used for multiple tasks. i.e. At one moment it is preparing bio-data, at other moment it may be preparing mark sheet of particular examination. The computer can be seen in each and every field like banking, weather forecasting and many more.



Power of remembering

Computer can store a large amount of data for infinite period of time. Generally, It stores our data in hard drive or SSD called secondary storage. Which is helpful for user to retrieve the data whenever needs.



No I.Q.

A computer has zero intelligence because they cannot take decision on its own. It has to be told what to do in what situation. They cannot think what to do in particular situation.



No feelings

Computer have no natural feelings like humans because they are machine. There feeling is based on the instructions given by the user in form of programs.


Applications of computers

Generally computer is used in every field. here are some of basic applications of computer includes:




Home computer applications include online bill payment and movie viewing. shows at home, social media access, playing games, availing educational support, etc.




Computers entertain us in many ways, like watching movies online, playing games online, listening to music, etc.




Computers help industries by managing inventory, designing products, creating virtual sample products, conducting online marketing, etc.




Computers are used in the banking industry to store customer information and to conduct transactions such as ATM withdrawals and deposits. The bank reduces and expenses to a great extent.




Computers can make business transactions easy and accurate. Businessmen can analyze investments, sales expenses, markets, and other aspects of business using computers.

Types of computers

Super computer

Generally, a supercomputer is an extremely powerful computer. Identically, scientific and engineering work requires extremely high-speed computations. i.e., climate and weather forecasting, evolution of the cosmos, etc.



Mainframe computers

The larger computers with more processing power than minicomputers and microcomputers but less than supercomputers are mainframe computers. The main purpose of a mainframe computer is bulk data handling and information processing. Generally, this computer is used where a large number of users need to share a common computing facility.



Mini computers

Mini computers are larger than microcomputers but smaller and slower than mainframe computers. It supports multiple users by using terminals. Comparatively, the cost of a minicomputer is less. It is primarily used for file management, database management, and distributed systems.



Micro computers

A microcomputer is a small, cheap, general-purpose computer with a microprocessor. This computer is capable of being used for personal use only. Only one user can interact with this computer at a time.



Desktop computers

A desktop computer is small enough to fit on the desk. All desktop computer equipment is tightly integrated into a single case. Desktop computers are cheap enough to be bought by a single user. PCs typically range in price from a few tens of thousands to lakhs of rupees, depending on configuration. Several people keep PCs in their homes to run businesses from home. i.e. Pentium 3.

Portable computers

Portable computers are those that can be moved from one location to another. It is very useful for no-site work and also helpful for every employees.



A laptop is used by people who need computing power wherever they go. A briefcase can be used to transport a laptop. A laptop computer uses a keyboard, flat-screen LCD, and touch pad. They have hard discs, floppy disc drives, and CD-ROM drives.




A tablet is a wireless, portable personal computer with a touch-screen interface. Generally, a tablet is smaller than a notebook computer but larger than a smartphone. It has a longer battery life than a laptop. A tablet uses Android, IOS, Chrome OS, or iPad OS as its operating system.



Generally, a smartphone is a mobile device having the capabilities of a telephone with some computational facilities. Usually, smartphones are pocket-sized computers with various facilities. Presently, smartphones are the most used devices in the world.


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