Keyboard is a most common and popular device. It helps to input data into the computer. the keyboard in invented from traditional typewriter but keyboard have some extra additional features. Keyboards are of two sizes 84 keys or 101/102 keys, but new keyboards with 104 keys or 108 keys are also available in the market.

Keyboard buttons have typically engraved single character on it , each press of key correspondence to that single written symbols on the button. In some other keyboard you have simultaneously requires to press and hold the keys. In normal , keyboard is used to do typing text, numbers and symbols into a any belonging application software. In the new Era, we mostly use virtual keyboard on our touchscreen display.


In ancient time ,the ancestor of keyboards was a traditional typewriters. Keyboard is a electromechanical device which works from two device teleprinters and keypunches. In early 1870s teleprinters are used in stock market to type tickets  teleprinters and its contemporary form was developed in 1907 to 1910 by American mechanical engineer. Keyboard on the teleprinter played a very strong role in point to multipoint communication in the 20th century. While the keyboard with keypunch device played a strong role in data entry and storage. The keyboard remained most primary and used in the computer in the era of personal computing. Now, In the era of touch screen we can use virtual keyboard on the touch screen.


Keyboard Types

There are various types of keyboard are available in the market. that keyboards have its own special features and particular needs. here are some examples of physical keyboards…


Desktop or full size

Full size keyboard includes alphabetic character and numbers typographical symbols and punctuation marks and some currency symbols and some functions keys are available. Desktop keyboard are similar to electric typewriter keyboard but only difference is it contains additional keys such as command key or window key.



This keyboard id totally opposite of desktop size keyboard because it contains less keys. This laptop contains shorter travel distance for the keystroke and reduced the set of keys. function keys maybe placed on other location that differ from standard keyboard. the mechanism of the keys is likely to be scissor.


Flexible keyboard

Flexible keyboard are a junction between normal type and laptop type keyboard . the main feature of this keyboard is flexibility so user can fold/roll however they want. this keyboards are made from silicon. this keyboard is dust-free so mainly used in hospitals.



Handheld ergonomic keyboard is designed for gamers. typically this keyboard have alphanumeric keys and symbols. we can use this keyboard by laying on bed or sitting back on the chair taking keyboard in our hand. some of those keyboards are allows trackball mouse to allow mouse movement in only one hand.



This keyboards provides beyond the standard keyboard. this keyboard is used in many programmable, configuration computer keyboards and some control multiple PCs and multiple screens. user can use single mouse and keyboard to access multiple sources. multifunctional keyboards have also optimistic features like serial, USB , audio, ethernet etc.



This type of keyboard users are professionally know as a gamers. this keyboards have additional keys which is useful for gamers. the sound of these keyboards are crisp and have some RGB lights in the background of the keys so user can work at lights off. User can clean the keys by removing keys.

Types of keys

Typing keys

These keys include the character keys like (A-Z) and number key like (0-9) which generally give the same layout as that of typewriter.


Numeric keypad

It is used to enter the numeric data or cursor movement. It consists of a set 17 keys that are laid out in the same configuration used by most adding calculators.


Function keys

The twelve function which are arranged at a top of the keyboard. each function key has a unique meaning and is used for special purpose.


Control key

This keys provide functionality to control screen and cursor control. this keys contain 4 arrow keys and includes Home, End, Insert, delete, control, alternate and escape(Esc).


Special purpose keys

Keyboard also contains some special purpose keys to use in specific time or to make our work easy. this key includes Enter, Shift, caps Lock, Numlock, spacebar, Tab, and print screen.


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