A floppy disk is also known as a floppy diskette. It is made up of square or nearly plastic enclosure line with fabric. This generally removes dust particles from the spinning disk. when disk is inserts into a floppy disk drive connects to a computer. The first floppy disk invented and made by IBM. It has a desk diameter of 8 inches. The three and half inch floppy disk can still be uses with an external USB floppy disk drive. USB flash drives, memory cards, optical discs available through computer networks and cloud storages.

Floppy disk storage have thin and flexible disk of a magnetic storage medium. A floppy disk stores digital data which can be read and written. Generally, There is a some of the drives like five and half inch, 8 inch and other size floppy disks are rare to non-existent. Some individuals continue to use older equipment to read data from floppy disks. A floppy disk is so common during 20th century. Generally, Many electronic and software programs continue to use save icons looks like floppy disks in 21st century. A floppy disk drive still have some limited uses. An industrial computer equipment have been supersede by data storage methods. It have great data storage capacity and data transfer speed.

Design of Floppy Disk



A eight inch floppy disk contain a magnetically coat round plastic with large hole in the center. A medium contain in square plastic cover that have a small opening at both sides. It allows drive’s head to read and write data. A large hole in the center to allow magnetic medium to spin by rotating it from its middle hole. Inside the cover there are two layers of fabric. It is with the magnetic medium sandwich in the middle. Therefore the fabric is design to reduce friction between the medium and the outer cover. The cover is usually a one-part sheet.


A small notch on the side of disk identifies that it is writable or detect by a mechanical switch. If it is not present, the disk can be written. comparatively, In the eight inch disk the notch is cover up to enable writing. In five and quarter inch disk the notch is open to enable writing. such modify disk is known as a flippy disk. Generally, A tape is uses over the notch to change the mode of the disk.



In the drive, a spindle motor rotates the magnetic medium at a certain speed. A stepper motor operated mechanism moves the magnetic read/write heads radially along the surface of the disk. both read and write operations require the medias to rotating and head to contact the disk media. an action is generally accomplish by a disk load. To write a data in drive is a current is sent through a coil in the head. The head’s magnetic field aligns the magnetization of the particles. When current is reverse the magnetization aligns in the opposite direction. Generally, To read data particles in the media induce a tiny voltage in the head.



A blank unformat diskette has a coating to the particles. During the process of formatting the particles are aligns form tracks. The tracks have ring around the center, with spaces between tracks where no data is written.. Every and each sector of data have a reader that identifies the location on the desk. A CRC is writes in the sector headers. Some errors are soft and can be resolve by automatically re-trying the read operation, But some errors are permanent. gaps with padding bytes are provides between sectors and track to allow speed variations in the drive.

floppy disk

Size of Floppy Disk

8  inch floppy disk


A floppy disk of the first standard are 8 inches in diameter. It is protected by a flexible plastic jacket. It’s a read only device uses an IBM as a loading microcode. Early microcomputers are uses for engineering, business or word processing. The eight inch disk increase over time and later versions that stores up to 1.2 MB. Many computers applications did not need that much capacity on one disk.

5.25 inch floppy disk


The head gap of an 80 track high density is smaller than 40 track double density. Single side disk were coat on both side. Usually this drive is expensive because double side disk were certified error free. double side drive can be use in some drives. This was done one side at a time, by turning them over. The more expensive dual head drives which can read both sides without turning over were later produce and become use all over the world.

3.5 inch floppy disk


In early 1980s, many manufacturers introduced smaller floppy drives. A 21 companies eventually settle on this 3.5 inches drive which is known as a micro diskette or micro floppy. It is similar to Sony’s design but improved to supports both side.


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