What is a processor in computer (CPU)

Processors are also known as a  Central Processing Units (CPU). Processors are the brains and nerves behind a computer. Usually if we have all pc components but if we don’t have a processor we can’t execute any type of instruction to the computer so the processor is a nerves of computer. They control the logic that performs calculations and run programs on your computer. processors is a circuit board inside a computer that executes instructions on behalf of programs. the CPU is arguably the most important one. CPU takes tasks and instruction from the RAM (random access memory) and decodes the received instruction , and then CPU delivers output to the user.

Parts of computer processor (CPU)


The ALU do , all the arithmetic and logic operations. ALU is  the totally opposite of FPU In some processors , the ALU is divided into two units: an (AU) arithmetic unit and a (LU) logic unitthe data which is used to operate input is called an operand. ALU has a variety of input and output which are electric conducts used to bring digital signals between ALU and circuitry.



The (FPU) is a part of computer system. FPU is also known as FPU is specially designed to carry out operations on floating point numbers or FPU is known as a (colloquially a math coprocessor). typical all operations are simple Mathematics like addition(+), subtraction(-) , division(/), multiplication(*) and square root. FPU may be integrated as a execution unit within the CPU however, many don’t !!



The register holds the instructions received from other parts of a computer. the register is a quick accessible location in CPU because it located near the processor. register have a small amount of size but it is fast , although some registers are read-only or write-only.



Cache memory is mainly used to access data from main memory (RAM) to reduce the average cost (time or energy). cache memory is powerful , faster and smaller located near a processor or register. some processors have mainly L1 and L2 cache memory but often it have L3 or rarely L4. the cache memory is usually implemented with SRAM (static random access memory).


How Does a processor (CPU) Work

The processor works at their cores and threads. they use the set of process called fetch-decode-execute cyclethis cycle has three steps : fetch, decode, and execute.



The first step in the fetch-execute cycle is fetching. It involves receiving – or “fetching” – an instruction. This instruction is sent from the RAM to the CPU. the core of the CPU receive instruction and creates a signal. that signal send to the components via mainboard to the screen.



The CPU processes an instruction using its decoder. when it is sent from the instruction register. The CPU turns the instruction into a series of signals that can be interpreted by other parts of the CPU. during this stage the register is interpreted by decoder.



the CPU passes that decoded message in a line of control signals to the relevant functional unit to perform task as per the instruction or passing them to ALU for mathematics or logic functions.

Cores and Threads in Processor


In the old days , computer have only single core. which is limited to do single task at a time, but in this generation engineers discovered a multicore processors which is capable to do multitasking at a single time so they can execute different instructions at the same time. Most computers today have between 2 and 4 cores but high end processors have 16 cores to perform heavy tasks.


You’ll hear these setups referred to as dual and “quad” core but Some processors have up to 12 cores to 16 cores, depending on their purpose. gamers and heavy video editors have a high end CPU which is capable to do multiple heavy task at a same time. The more cores a CPU has, the more instructions the processor can interpret at a single time.



A thread is a virtual version of a CPU core. thread is a typically a part of operating system . However, single-threaded processes are based on the execution of programs (or instructions) in a single sequence. In simple words, a single thread is like one command that runs at a time.


Processors are an most important part of a computer. It is responsible for processing the data that allows you to run programs on your computer. In recent years, there have been vast improvements made to CPUs. the computer processor company like intel and AMD are making a a wide range of improvements in the processors and bringing out the best.


A processor is connected with the motherboard and other components are also connected with the motherboard directly or indirectly , but for all components instructions and task are performed by processors So the processor is everything in computer.


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