Red Hat Enterprise Linux

What is Red Hat Enterprise Linux ??


RHEL is stands for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


It offers the ability to manage any company’s server and network. One of the best server management options is RHEL. RHEL is an operating system based on Linux. Linux is a free operating system, as you may know. That indicates that the source code is completely freely accessible. RHEL 8 is one example of a corporate Linux distribution that is provided as a commercial solution with integrated support and maintenance. It restrict the free download. You may get a 60-day evaluation version or sign up for a free Red Hat developer membership at

You require a subscription to use RHEL 8 for support and some other features. You are entitled to a few more things with this membership, such support and fixes. When you purchase Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat provides you with a supported version of the operating system.


It contains several important features that are typically required in business settings :

  • fixes and monitored updates that have undergone a rigorous testing process.
  • Different levels of support and help, depending on which type of subscription you have purchased.
  • An approved operating system that will operate and be supported on particular hardware models.
  • A certified platform for running enterprise applications such as SAP middleware, Oracle Database, and many more 
  • Access to the Red Hat Customer Portal at, where you can find much detailed documentation that is available to customers only.

Red Hat is aware that not all prospective clients are drawn to these corporate capabilities.

Red Hat is active with two other free alternatives :-

  1. CentOS 8
  2. Fedora

Using RHEL :-


If you want to learn how to work with different program, tools and services that provided in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, the easiest way is to use the developer program that Red Hat offers. Go to to register for the free developer program. This program gives you access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for free, which allows you to work with RHEL in your own test environment without having to purchase it.

Access to the Red Hat Customer Portal is the most crucial feature included in the official RHEL 8 Server release. You may access a range of RHEL-related information through this portal, along with updates from Red Hat Network (RHN). In particular, use of the Red Hat knowledge base, where you may use it to find solutions to several frequent issues that Red Hat specialists have written about.

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